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Excellent layer for reasonable prices!

Heather was very personable yet professional. She worked around my schedule to accommodate my time requirements with a hectic schedule. Ms. Reiner was very understanding and knowledgeable of the laws, and presented them in court very well. I ended up with receiving probation out of a case that could have been very serious if turned out the wrong way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great attorney for a reasonable price!

John April 12, 2016


Heather represented my son last year regarding drug charges. My son was placed in rehab before trial and Heather made sure that the court system as well as the bail bondsman was informed of what was going on. Months later when my son went to trial he was awarded probation for 18 months and had to pay restitution. If it not for Heather my son could have been in jail. He didn't need jail time he needed rehabilitation. Now Heather is representing one of my son's friends on a DUI charge. He left the scene and had a high blood alcohol level. Heather is trying to place him in a program and probation instead of jail time. We are in the process of starting the program so it's new. I would recommend Heather for anyone who needs a good criminal defense lawyer. She communicates with you and if you don't understand she explains it well to you. The law can be intimidating but she makes it okay and puts you at ease. Like I said, I have used her and only have good to say about her.

Patricia April 12, 2016


Retained Ms. Reiner for my case.
Very professional , she works at every aspect of a case to get the case resolved, with the client at her best intrest.

anonymous November 11, 2015

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