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Mental Health Related Charges

I had a mental health breakdown and has some charges brought before me that could have sent me to jail for a very long time. Heather fought for me from day one all the way to the end, she is very knowledgeable and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure her clients are Happy, My Case was very complex with a lot of medical related issues, hospital visits etc... Heather sought out to make sure that I had the best judge for my case. She is not like some of the lawyers that charges for every phone call or text message, she is very quick to respond to her clients via text message or phone call, and it doesn't matter what time it is, she is always there to help you in any way she possibly can. I would recommend Heather to anyone needing representation. Thank You Heather for your amazing service.

Tyler February 24, 2017

Great Lawyer

I guess the most dominant trait Heather holds would be personable. Even before I hired her she was very reachable when I needed her. Our conversations where like that of almost friends. I felt very comfortable explaining my situation to her. I didn't have to speak with secretaries or leave messages and wait days for a response. As listed in her profile, she will respond to you after 5pm and also on the weekends. Whether it was a quick text or phone call, she never left me hanging. She went the extra mile to revisit a sheriff and have him reconsider his stance on my case and it really worked! After getting my charge dropped the whole way down to a summary offense, I've still been in contact with her to help me with an expungement processes from a juvenile record. Within 24 hours of my last consultation she already had paper work in motion to get the ball rolling.

anonymous February 15, 2017

Best ever! Love Heather!

I can't say enough about how Heather has helped our family. I've delt with other lawyers and it's such a huge difference with her. I never had to speak to a receptionist or an office worker on her behalf. I had complete direct contact with her. I had multiple conversations with her at night. I loved that I was able to text her my questions and she always got back to me so quickly. She works very hard and doesn't treat you like your just another docket number. She's very in tune with the system and the people and knows all the options and how to get you the best results. She fully communicated with us at all times and I never felt in the dark about what was going on. She gave our family hope when another lawyer said my husband wasn't getting less than 6 months, she got it down to 2 months. I consider her a friend with all we have been through together. I hope I don't ever need her services again, but if I would, I would never hire anyone else!

anonymous November 4, 2016

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